Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quick Update.

So last night I had a performance which went really well, I got great feedback from everyone I talked to and any mistakes made in dress rehearsal were fixed by the time we performed. I got to hang out with some friends who I hadn't seen much over the span of J-Term and we all had a great time!
However, I think I may have done something to my left thumb.. It has been hurting so much ever since last night at about 5 or 6 pm.. I hope I didn't break it, I doubt it's any kind of fracture because it isn't a screaming pain type thing but it does hurt very very badly, so I'm going to make sure to go to the doctor at some point this week to get it checked out. More on that soon.
I tried to make a video kind of going along with me on the steps of getting ready but it simply didn't work out, I ran out of memory on my computer between videos plus when I planned out how much time I figured I would need to get ready I guessed completely wrong and was in such a hurry, I really needed more time!
I'm so glad tomorrow is February 1, I really need the weather to warm up.. Once we hit mid-January I get really sick of the frigid cold and snow and the many many layers we need to wear and get anxious for the warmer weather with cuter shoes! (haha.) Luckily last night after my performance I was standing outside with some friends in only a sweater over my costume with yoga pants and I wasn't even cold! That was so refreshing! :) Well this week is supposed to be warming up.. Hopefully it will stay that way, I went on a huge online shopping spree at Forever 21 and got a bunch of cute stuff for more spring type weather and I can't wait to wear it! I'll probably post outfit of the days soon with those pieces.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Hair Resolution

So my resolution for not only the New Year but just since the last time I cut my hair, which was in September, was not to cut or dye it again for as long as I could hold out.. This is because I get so sick of my hair so easily and so then I'm always dying or cutting it.. I'm trying to grow it out so because I know dying damages the hair and obviously cutting (besides trims) is not going to result in longer hair, I am trying to refrain.
So far I'm doing really good, which has been really hard because usually around the beginning of a new year I get a new look (dye hair, for example last January [2009] I dyed my hair brown for the new year) and I was already sick of my basic but so far I'm doing good.. I'm thinking I'm going to try to at least get past my birthday (April) without cutting/trimming it, and then I'll let myself dye it if I still want to in the fall or winter, which is months away I know, but since I'm naturally blonde I might as well leave it so I have that sunny beachy blonde feel for summer, which is coming soon :)
I just wanted to make a quick post here because since I have been slacking on my videos I really want to post here and also make videos hopefully every couple days, we'll see how that goes, I'm planning on posting a tutorial tomorrow morning..
Here's the link to my YouTube channel in case you found this blog before you found my channel!